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Coming summer of 2019.

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Turn everyday humanity into tangible local action

We started DiveIn because we believe supporting causes you care about locally should be easier and more engaging. If rides, groceries, and even dates are right at our fingertips, opportunities to make a real impact should be too.

How it works:
Based on the issues that matter to you and where you are, you'll be able to:
discover meaningful events and volunteer opportunitiesconnect with local nonprofitsraise awareness about the causes you care about
Our mission is very simple: to lower the barriers to helping your local community. Coming summer of 2019.

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We're excited to share DiveIn with you soon.

Many nonprofits struggle to reach millennials

By some point in 2019, millennials will overtake baby boomers as the largest population group in the United States. Millennials typically struggle to get involved because they aren't sure where to start.

Our mobile app helps cause-driven millennials increase their local community involvement and create lasting relationships with the causes they care about. Through a suite of proprietary tools, we empower the best nonprofits to engage this new generation and increase their impact.

We’re changing how organizations engage their local communities, raise awareness for their causes, and recruit new volunteers and supporters. Become a founding partner by filling out the form below. If you're a nonprofit based in the Bay Area or Chicago, click here to learn more about our pre-launch package.

Launching Summer of 2019

Join our nonprofit pilot program

If your organization is based out of the Bay Area or Chicagoland area, join our pilot program and play a part in building a platform that empowers nonprofits to reach new local audiences.

Our pilot program will help us design a product that fits your needs and increases your local reach. We’ll work with you directly to understand your organization’s local engagement goals and raise awareness about your cause.

The perks:

🧰 Free 6-month early-bird access: You’ll help us build our nonprofit solution and then you’ll get it for free. Nonbinding.

🤝 Volunteers & events: Let us know your needs and openings and we’ll recruit local companies to be there. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

📈 Exposure to new local audiences: We’ll promote your events and volunteer opportunities and spread the word about your organization to our community.

Ready to take your organization forward? Fill out the form below and start expanding your reach.

Launching Summer of 2019

Questions? Send us an email at nonprofits@divein.app.

Purpose-driven workplace cultures in reach

Many employers struggle to create purpose-driven cultures that attract and retain the best and brightest talent. According to recent studies by LinkedIn and Fidelity Investments, 86% of millennials would take an average pay-cut of $7,600 to work for companies whose values align more with their own. Getting started is difficult.

That's where we come in.

DiveIn helps companies quickly improve their workplace cultures by driving employee community involvement, volunteerism, and giving. Our solution makes it easy for your team to organize meaningful events, collaborate with local vetted nonprofits, and track your company's impact.

Become a founding partner by filling out the form below. For Bay Area companies, click here to learn about our pilot program.

Launching Summer of 2019

#whyIdivein is a weekly campaign highlighting folks who give back to their communities, through acts big and small.

Andreas Freund

Meet our Founder and CEO Andreas! His main goal is to make civic engagement more accessible to everyone and lower barriers of entry to make an impact. Hear more about his background and journey that inspired DiveIn!

Shannon McNair

Watch why Shannon has chosen to dedicate her career to the advancement of underserved communities. You will see the progression of how an idea turned into a business and how passion is the origin of many opportunities. We hope this inspires you to keep on moving forward and to #DiveIn to your community!

Chris Speed

Meet Chris Speed! He is a social services expert and has been active in his community for 27 years. He founded Youth Mentoring in Sports, an organization helping youth develop skills in website design and coding. He is also passionate about providing resources to youth in the foster care community. See how his impact has provided opportunities to the next generation on this episode of #WhyIDiveIn 🤙

Alfredo Mathew

Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur but everyone should learn to think like one” -Alfredo, our #WhyIDiveIn guest this week. With over 20 years of experience, he knows firsthand how to train the next generation to have an entrepreneurial mindset and succeed in their careers. Find out why he has dedicated so much of his life to making sure the leaders of tomorrow have a bright future! 🤙

Emily Pellegrino

Emily is a passionate psychotherapist with a focus on the queer community and eco-therapy. A lover of the outdoors, Emily loves when her clients can see nature reflect back what they're feeling and utilize parts of the environment to help ground their emotions. Learn more about how she provides support to those in need and fights to remove the stigma behind mental health.

Ashley McMullen, M.D.

For this week's #WhyIDiveIn we interviewed the amazing Dr. Ashley McMullen. Ashley is the Chief Ambulatory Resident at the Zuckerberg General Hospital here in San Francisco. She's passionate about providing primary care for underserved communities, and believes it's important that we explore the social and political factors that drive inequities in health care. Learn more about Ashley’s journey into medicine and what drives her to #DiveIn to the communities that need it most.

Lilibeth Busto Linares

Lili shares her story and the reasons why she gives back to her new local community. As an immigrant from Colombia, acclimating to life in the Bay area and to a new culture and language has posed immense challenges for Lili. However, through volunteering and giving back to her new local community, Lili has settled in incredibly, is making impressive professional strides, and is having a positive impact, especially in the local Latina community. Thank you, Lili, for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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Become a founding partner

Help us design a platform that streamlines employee engagement, encourages nonprofit-corporate collaboration, and supports the local community. Through one-on-one consultations, we will work with you to understand your company culture, the causes that matter to your team, and help you realize your local engagement goals.

The perks:

🧰 50% discount for 3 months: Help us create a platform that works for your company and then get it for cheap.

🤝 Free company volunteer day: Let us know what causes matter to your team and we'll organize an outing with one of our nonprofit partners.

📈 Improved Employee Engagement: As a founding partner, we will connect your company to local nonprofits and help your employees volunteer and support their local communities.

Fill out the form below and help your employees engage with the causes that matter to them.

Launching Summer of 2019

Questions? Shoot us an email at partners@divein.app.

Our Team

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Founder & CEO

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Marketing Manager

Nate Cohen

Shannon McNair
Co-founder & COO

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Community Strategist